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Saturday, 29 December 2018 09:35

The head of the Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce predicted that Iran's exports to Iraq will reach over $ 9 billion by the end of this year.

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According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kermanshah, Keyvan Kashfi, in a press conference held today (23 December) in the presence of the Iraqi Kurdistan Business Committee, stating that, during the eight months of this year, Iraq was the first Iranian business partner, he added:

"during this period, there were nearly seven billion dollars exports, in total, to Iraq, which does not differentiate the figures for exports to Iraqi Kurdistan". He said that 25-30% of the country's exports to Iraq, were recorded during the eight months of this year, and continued: "During this period, Kermanshah's exports to Iraq have also grown significantly". According to a member of the board of directors of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, during the recent 10 years, the rate of trade between the two countries has never been so high. Kashfi stressed that trade relations with Iraq cannot be achieved on a one-way basis and only through exports, he said, "We should go to joint investments and increase imports from this country".
He noted: "Of course, we should not forget that in the current state of the country's economy, investing in Iraq is in difficulty. Kashfi then mentioned the commercial problems between Kermanshah and Kurdistan, saying that one of the most important problems was the lack of transportation, especially on the Parivaz Khan border.
According to the head of the Kermanshah Chamber of Deputies, the lack of carriage of all goods has caused many other problems, and there are ongoing efforts to overcome this problem. He also announced the visit of the trade delegation from Erbil and Dohuk, in the near future, to the province, adding that the trip is also an effective step in improving economic relations between the two sides. The vice-chairman of the Sulaimaniyah Chamber also said: "Today, Iranian goods have the lowest share In the Iraqi market". Yasin Rahim Faraj, on the Iranian market share in the Iraqi market, reported a decrease in the share of these commodities, adding that in the last 15 years, the most foreign goods in the Iraqi market were Iranian goods, but now the situation has not been like that, and in Iraq's trade department stores and supermarkets, The least share of goods refers to the Iranian goods. He added: "Of course, this does not mean that Iraq does not import goods from Iran, since, about six billion dollars of goods have been exported from Iran this year, but if Iran were to take good advantage of its opportunities, the amount of these exports would reach to $ 10 billion.
The deputy chairman of Sulaimaniyah's Chamber of commerce said, the share of Iran's market was reduced to the unwillingness of Iranian investors to invest in the country. He noted: "In the absence of good investment opportunities from Iraq, some other countries, such as Turkey, don't lose such opportunities".
He also mentioned the advantages of investing in Iraq, Kurdistan, and reminded us: "We provide the land to investors, they will have 10 years tax deductions, and customs duties for importing and exporting their goods are zero." The vice chairman of Sulaimaniyah Chamber believes that investment in Sulaimaniyah province is not just about the province and can cover 17 Iraqi provinces.
Rahim Faraj expressed his hope that the trade relations between the two countries would be improved by the exchange of commercial chambers, planned by the Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce. He also pointed to the problems that exist on the border of Parviz Khan, and said: "Officials in Kermanshah province should devote more time to solve the problems of this border". Ahmad Kalari, a member of the Salmaniyah Chamber of Deputies, also emphasized the need for the establishment of a joint industrial city of Iran and the Kurdistan region.
He considered one of the most important problems that now exist for commercial relations between the two sides, namely the total transportation of goods from Iran to Iraq, saying that this problem will be solved soon. Clari also mentioned the areas of investment in Iraq, adding that the agricultural, food and mining sectors are among the most important sectors.

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