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Saturday, 29 December 2018 09:38

The Kurdistan Regional Business Committee, which came to Kermanshah on the invitation of Kermanshah's Chamber of commerce, had an interview with the governor of Kermanshah, and emphasized on the necessity of expanding relations between the two sides

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According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of the Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce, Houshang Bazvand, the governor of Kermanshah, at a meeting with the Iraqi business delegation in Sulaymaniyah, that was held in Kermanshah Governorate, by pointing to the long-standing ties with Iraq, Kurdistan, which even the enemies' smuggling didn't affect it, stated:

Now it’s the time to take further steps to improve these relationships. He described the border, as a shared advantage between the two provinces of Kermanshah and Sulaimaniyah, especially in the present situation in Iran, and continued that, the president and the government also gave us the necessary authority to make the best use of the borders, with the goal of expanding exports, and the result is a good export growth to Iraq, in the eight months of this year, despite of the existing barriers. Bazvand further called for the removal of barriers to the flow of capital between Iran and Iraq, and in particular the provinces of Kermanshah and Sulaimaniyah, said that:" we should first improve infrastructure with each other".
The governor of Kermanshah referred to the most important transport infrastructure between the two countries and stressed that the Kermanshah Railways, which was opened last year, and the continuation of its route, which is being pursued specifically to Khosravi, is a good infrastructure for the economic development of the two countries. . He emphasized the need for the establishment of joint transport companies between the two countries and two provinces, and continued that holding of various exhibitions in different seasons can also help to strengthen relations. Bazvand noted that Qasr-e-Shirin's free trade zone, is also ready for joint investment between the two countries. Governorate of Kermanshah, is another area, stated that, the two sides can focus on Tourism and Health Tourism, he also said that Kermanshah, as the center of the country's western gravity and having a very good infrastructure, could take precedence in this regard. Declaring that today tourism is an important advantage in the Middle East, He noted that the development of tourism relations of the two provinces could be in the field of religious tourism, health tourism and so on.
He also mentioned the existence of several university centers in Kermanshah province, stated that these centers could consolidate the scientific relations between the two sides. The governor of Kermanshah also announced the readiness of Kermanshah to supply electricity to Iraqi markets, in spite of the great electrical deal between Iran and Iraq. He announced that by using these infrastructures, relations between the two countries have been improved, especially in Kermanshah and Sulaimaniyah provinces, and people have been more capable in these areas. He continued: Today, economic development refers to empowered people and the private sector. The governor of Kermanshah said that, in order to facilitate this, the process should be simplified and the rules should be eliminated. He also said that he was trying to resolve the problems of the border with Parvizkhan and said that he was going to close the problems of this border with the governor of Qasr Shirin and it will soon be solved.
Bazvand stated that "I hope we will soon host the governor of Sulaimaniyah in the province of Kermanshah," After that, The head of the Kermanshah Chamber of Deputies also said that, in near future, two business delegations, including a delegation from Erbil and Duhok, and a delegation from Basra will travel to Kermanshah. Referring to the achievements of the Kurdistan Regional Business Committee's visit to Kermanshah, Keyvan Kashfi stated that "regarding an exhibition arrangement on the capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran in central Kermanshah and in Sulaimaniyah, Iraq, we came to some agreements".
He emphasized the increase in transit of goods from the border of Parviz Khan and the import of some of the raw materials needed by the provincial factories, are other achievements of the trade delegation to Kermanshah. According to the member of the board of directors of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Kermanshah has also been mandated to host a specialist delegation on tourism and health tourism. The head of the Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce called the Syrian market, which exists for Iran and Iraq, and added that the closest and most cost-effective route to entering Syrian market is through the Iraqi state. He noted that the two sides should have joint partnerships, to enter this market.
Kashfi, emphasizing on the necessity of expanding trade relations with Iraq and the plans made in this regard, noted that in the next 1 to 5 months, we will host two business delegations from Erbil and Dohuk and a delegation from Basra. He reminded us of the current economic conditions of the country and the pressure of the enemies, and noticed that recently a delegation from the United States, with the presence in the Kurdish region, was trying to limit the communications of this sector with Iran, which they were confronted with their strong reactions.
In addition, Yassin Rahim Faraj, the deputy chairman of the Sulaimaniyah Chamber of Commerce, also stated that the purpose of the presence of this business delegation in Kermanshah, was to increase the mobility of economic relations between the two sides. Expressing that the Kurdistan Region's first priority is to provide the goods needed by the people of this region at the moment, he stressed: "We need to use the capacity of business interactions that exists between the parties in this section. Rahim Faraj continued to mention the problems of the border with Parviz Khan and stated:" We are ready to solve the problems of this border with joint actions with Iran". He noted that:" this border is very strategic for both Iran and Iraqis". The deputy chairman of the Sulaimaniyah Chamber, reminded the Qasarshirin special economic zone for the arrival of the climate investors and said:" Unfortunately, the investment climate in this area is still unclear for us". Rahim Faraj is also announced the providing investment opportunities in climate, for Iranians.
Ahmad Kalari, a member of the Sulaimaniyah Chamber of Deputies, also referred to the advantages of the border of Parviz Khan, calling for 24 hours of activity on the border. Referring to the 26-year history of the border, he stated: "We had no problems in this region before, but in the past two months, there have been some problems on this border, that needs to be resolved."
Clari referred to some of these problems, as a way of dealing with Iranian border forces with Iraqi drivers. A member of the Sulaimaniyah Chamber of Deputies stated: "Our other request is for the regional merchants to have access to Kermanshah province center with their 24 or 48 hour passes with their private cars."

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