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Thursday, 29 August 2019 05:00

Keyvan Kashefi emphasized in the forum of Iranian and Syrian economic activists Expanding Iran-Syria trade requires operational ground transit route

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Keyvan Kashefi, chairman of the Iran-Syria Joint Economic Committee and a member of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, who has traveled to Syria as part of a business delegation comprised of private sector activists, spoke at the Iran-Syria Economic Activists Forum.
At the meeting, he emphasized: The transit route of the commodity could be a turning point in the boom of exchanges that should be pursued with the utmost diligence by the authorities in pursuit and agreement.


Issues such as establishing banking communications, the transit route of goods could be a turning point in the exchange boom that should be pursued with the utmost diligence by follow-up officials and dealmakers so that the private sector of Iran and Syria can facilitate economic exchanges, Kashefi said.
Following the visit of the Iranian First Vice President to Damascus, negotiations and discussions have taken place, as well as the establishment of a joint Iran-Syria chamber and the enhancement of the level of exchanges between the two countries, providing good grounds for the development of economic interactions, according to the Iranian Chamber of Commerce.
Chairman of the Joint Committee on Economic Affairs of Iran and Syria reiterated: "Today it is our duty as private sector activists, in the light of good political relations, to be able to link industry, trade and agriculture between the two countries and to continue friendships with increased trade.

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