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Thursday, 26 December 2019 07:11

Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce: We welcome economic communication with the Austrian private sector

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A member of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce and the Austrian Ambassador met.
Keyvan Kashefi during the meeting mentioned: "In the future, with the normalization of the economical situation , we are grateful of Austria for being fully committed to JCPA."

He said: "what The United States has done by exiting from
JCPA must be condemn by all countries.
“The information we have from Austria and its important capabilities, especially in petrochemicals, machinery and tin production, can help transfer our experiences to our economic players,” Kashefi continued.
Kashefi said: "We have good information on the commercial capacities of Kermanshah province and are fully prepared to use the experience of Austria in the ongoing units such as the Fourth Petrochemical and Second Refinery and the food industry."
The president of the Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce said: "After the US exit from JCPA our economic relationship with Austria, did not cut off, and we welcome more economic relations with the country in the private sector and we pursue this through the Economic Advisor and the Embassy."
Austria adheres to what is foreseen in JCPA for Iran
Austrian Ambassador Stefan Schultz also said: "Provincial and national economic partnerships are taking place between Austria and Iran, and companies in a specific economic area must enter to develop bilateral trade."
"Austria is committed to what is expected for Iran," he said.
He said that companies in the specific economic field should be more involved in the economic equations of the two countries.
Schultz emphasized the development of joint partnerships as well as cooperation with Kermanshah, adding: "Necessary conclusions will be made and for example in Kermanshah province, in terms of waste site, environment and ... necessary cooperation will be done.
The Austrian ambassador said: Austria is a world leader in green technology and is willing to cooperate with Iran and in the field of tourism there are goals to further economic goals.

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