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Tuesday, 03 August 2021 06:51

Referring to the steady trend of exports into Iraq over the past three years or so, a board member of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce said: "It is time to make a new spike in exports to the Iraqi market."

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Keivan Kashefi, reminded the important role of the Iraqi market as one of Iran's main trade partners in the summit of economic activists of Kermanshah with the Secretary General of the Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber with the virtual presence of Iran's economic advisor in Iraq and stated that 90% of Iran's exports is destined to Iraq. He added: Kermanshah province has also a 30 to 50 percent share of these exports.

He continued: "Some part of this export is the goods produced by Kermanshah province and terminal services and transportation to the productions of other provinces are provided within the borders of the province in other cases."
Kashefi then pointed to the most important problems we face in the field of trade with Iraq and continued: "Exports trend to Iraq, unlike the last decade that had a mainly upward trend, is now about seven, eight billion dollars for about three years and it has remained at $ 10 billion including gas exports.
Targeting $ 20 billion exports to Iraq
The secretary general of the Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber announced goal-settings to export $ 20 billion to Iraq during this year and the next year.
Jahanbakhsh Sanjabi reminded the current state of trade interactions with Iraq and added: "Iran's exports to Iraq last year were more than 7 billion and 400 million dollars, and we imported 131 million dollars from this country in return."
The need for a new export approach to Iraq
Stating that the Iraqi export market is no longer the same as in 2003, Iran's economic adviser in Iraq said: "we must take a new export approach concurrent with the economic developments in Iraq."

Stating that "nowadays, the Iraqi market is very different from 2003,", Abdul Amir Rabihawi added:
This country was in dire need of the Iranian goods in the early years of our trade resumption with Iraq, but as we progressed, economic interactions with Iraq took on a different role and atmosphere.
"Today, in 2021, Iraq's export market is very different from the previous years, and the country has very different expectations from its neighbors and trade partners," he said.
Iran's economic adviser in Iraq considered the result of these developments in the Iraqi market the restrictions that the country imposes occasionally on the goods import.

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