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Tuesday, 12 September 2017 05:09

KERMANSHAH and *CHELIABINSK* will be announced as adopted sister

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The Chairperson of Chamber of Commerce of KERMANSHAH announced: KERMANSHAH and *CHELIABINSK* will be announced as adopted sister.
In his meeting with the presence of Russia embassador in Iran and Russian commercial board and also a group of economic activists of KERMANSHAH Province which hold in Chamber of Commerce, KEYWAN KASHEFI remembered RUSSIA as one of the countries which can bring about acceptable commercial interactions with Iran and especially KERMANSHAH.

By mentioning to those over the country programs for the development of business with Russia, member of board of directors of Iran Chamber of Commerce, confirmed that: we are planning for the establishment of *IRANIAN HOUSE* in ASTARAKHAN and in RUSSIA following the cooperation of Iran Chamber of Commerce and we are performing its final processes.
He believes the establishment of IRANIAN HOUSE will pave the way for the development of economic interactions of the two countries and said: ASTARAKHAN is the major port for the commercial transactions between Iran and Russia.
KASHEFI said: RUSSIA is the most important country as an acceptable commercia fellow, for that reason, we asked for announcing our province as the adopted sister with one of the RUSSIAN provinces and finally CHELIABINSK has been selected for this application.
60 thousand Iranian tourist traveled to Russia during last year.
Russian embassador in Iran announced the presence of 60 Iranian tourist in Russia and during last year: interactions enhancement between the two countries is very necessary.
He said: the amount of Iran and Russian commercial interactions has been 2.2 milliard for the last year which it is possible to increase this amount based on the high capacity of Iran and Russia.
By mentioning to this point that, the time for holding joint commission between Iran and Russia is coming closer, JAGERIAN added that: we hope to increase Iran and Russia cooperation level by holding this meeting.

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