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The review, which is related to the summer 2022, was published focusing on the National Day of Industry and Mine (July 10).
Various sections including National Industry Day file, achievement, knowledge-base, dust, building, and news are available in the review.
There have been exclusive conversations about the Day of Industry and Mine and the challenges in this area in this review.
The review is compiled in 100 pages and will be provide with members of the Chamber of Commerce, economic activists, and interested parties.
The Chamber of Commerce usually publishes its own review, which is considered as one of the specialized and content-rich reviews. on a quarterly basis in order to inform economic activists.

Jalil Balaei, plan and program consultant of Kermanshah Chamber, mentioned the significant capacity of Kermanshah's aquaculture industry and added: the empowerment of the activists of this sector paves the way for establishment of a private and professional body.

He announced marketing and commercialization as the important issues related to the fisheries area and continued: We should not neglect the capacity to export a variety of fishery products.

Seyyed Farzad Afzali, Director General of Fisheries of Kermanshah Province, also mentioned the significant capacities of this field in Iran and said: Iran is capable in the field of producing all kinds of aquatic species, especially lobster, sturgeon, etc., and some measures have also been taken in some fields such as the production of medical leech and spirulina algae, recently.

Babak Torabi, head of tourism commission of Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce, emphasized the necessity of setting up a dedicated health tourism organization in Kermanshah in this meeting and it was approved by the members of the commission and said: We must strengthen the capacities of this sector and even proceed towards nationalization of this sector in the future.

Jalil Balaei, director of plan and program of the Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce, also informed of plans to organize an international health tourism seminar in Kermanshah with cooperation of Kurdistan Region of Iraq focusing on Hakim Hospital of Kermanshah.

Mentioning the importance of providing a system for admitting patients in the target country and then referring them inside Iran, he stated: A base should be set up in the country of origin for this purpose after field investigations.

The head of the Kermanshah Chamber, Kivan Kashfi, mentioned the Kurdish horse as a wealth for Kermanshah at the beginning of this summit and said: "We must open the door to commercialization of the Kurdish horse."
Kashfi highlighted the necessity to use the capacities of neighboring countries, especially Iraqi Kurdistan, to export the Kurdish horses and said: "We must have a plan for this purpose to send and receive trade and economic delegations with Iraq, focusing on Kurdish horses."

The classification of types of companies, company registration process, legal requirements and formalities for company registration, documents and scheduling, changes registration in companies, etc. were the most important training issues raised in this webinar.

First of all, Keyvan Kashefi, Chairman of the Kermanshah Chamber, pointed out the importance of the long-term national and provincial development plan and the existence of a responsible body for this purpose at the beginning of the meeting and said: It is only through such a body that we can identify and focus on the economic potentials that will development-oriented in the long run.

Keyvan Kashefi, the head of the Kermanshah Chamber, mentioned the foreign trade as one of the great economic potentials of Kermanshah in this meeting and added: "the fact that Kermanshah is ranked fifth in the country in terms of export and fourth in exports to neighboring countries according to the statistics of the Trade Development Organization in 2021" indicates the province's export capacities.
A member of the board of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Industry announced that one of the other positive points of Kermanshah's exports is the province's 43% share of Iran's total exports to Iraq.

The most important economic issues, solutions, and obstacles to the effective presence of the private sector in the country's economy were reviewed in this meeting.

the head of the Kermanshah Chamber called for through transportation within the borders of Kermanshah and for ratification of the comprehensive plan for the borders of Somar, Shushemi, and Sheikh Saleh as soon as possible.
Kashefi also mentioned the export capacity of Kermanshah province and considered the ranking of fifth largest exporter of Iran in 2021 as indicative of the ability of traders, exporters, and producers of the province.

Keyvan Kashefi, chairman of the Iran-Syria Joint Chamber and a board member of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, announced a 60% increase in trade between the two countries over the past year and said: This volume of trade is not the maximum level of the two countries' goals, but we plan to reach the volume of one billion dollars a year. Fortunately, some of the demands such as facilitating the traders’ commutation between the two countries have been met in this direction and other expectations are about to be investigated.

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