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According to the Public Relations Department of Kermanshah, in the 9th election day of the Iranian Chamber of Deputies, which was held today, Keyvan Kashefi, the head of the Kermanshah Trade Office, was elected as a member of the Iranian Chamber.
‏Kashefi was previously a member of the Chamber of Deputies for four years and now he remained in the Iranian Chamber of Deputies for the second term.
‏The duration of this term will be for four years

Mentioning to the firm willing of the two countries of Iran and Syria  and the economical relationships reinforcement, according Keywan Kashefi, Chairperson of the Joint Committee of Iran and Syria and member of the Presidium of Iran Chamber , within Iran and Syria Commercial Meeting which has been held in Iran Chamber: In spite the existence of extremely high capacities of the two countries and deep political relationships between Iran and Syria, however, the economical relations level is not defendable for the two countries.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of the Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce, Houshang Bazvand, the governor of Kermanshah, at a meeting with the Iraqi business delegation in Sulaymaniyah, that was held in Kermanshah Governorate, by pointing to the long-standing ties with Iraq, Kurdistan, which even the enemies' smuggling didn't affect it, stated:

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kermanshah, Keyvan Kashfi, in a press conference held today (23 December) in the presence of the Iraqi Kurdistan Business Committee, stating that, during the eight months of this year, Iraq was the first Iranian business partner, he added:

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Kermanshah, the Chief of the Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce, at the beginning of the visit, said, "Kurdistan's region is one of the main routes for the entry of Iran and Iraq into the Syrian market,".

Wednesday, 28 November 2018 15:23

Kermanshah's top exporters were honored.

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At a ceremony attended by the head of the Organization for the Promotion of Trade of the Governor and a group of representatives and officials and economic activists of Kermanshah, the 13 most prominent exporters of Kermanshah province, in year 2018, were honored. Head of the Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce, Head of the Organization for Trade Development of Iran, Governor of Kermanshah, etc. attended the ceremony and gave speeches. The names of the top provincial exporters can be downloaded here.

According to the Public Relations Office of the Kermanshah Room, at this meeting which was attended by Shariatmadari, Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade; Keyvan Kashfi referred to the recent economic fluctuations of the last six months and said that various directives have been issued in the country, but despite of efforts, we didn't observed any improvement in the condition.

The thirty-third council of dialogue between the Government and Private sector of Kermanshah province with the aim of reviewing the problems arising from the implementation of Article 47 of the Social Security Code, the problems and lengthiness of the route to obtain the economic code, the examination of the barriers to the implementation of Note 3 of Article 64 of the Direct Tax Code and the deficiencies in the seizure of the production line machineries and raw materials for companies and production units was held at Kermanshah Governorate.
Keyvan Kashefi, head of the Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce, in this meeting pointed to the problems facing the private sector.

The purpose of this meeting was the regional development and convergence of the regional chambers.

Keivan Kashfi, head of Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce and member of the board of directors of Iran's Chamber of Commerce, announced regional plan of Iran:

The thirty-second Dialogue Council Meeting was held with the analysis of the previous meeting approvals on the area of urban construction, the status of pea import, the examination of barriers to obtain bank facilities for production units and the presentation of the report on the Investment Guarantee Fund for small industries on the agenda was held at the Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce.
Keivan Kashefi, chairman of the Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce, said that the barriers to bank facilities payments is the main problem of the private sector and an impediment to the economical atmosphere of province. He pointed out that the economy of province is small and banks should help it.

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