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The Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce hosted the Majles Economic Commission in May 1996. Holding three meetings with economic activists, the Governmental Dialogue Council and the private sector, and meeting with the Friday Imam of Kermanshah were the program of this group.

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Happy Eid-e-Fitr

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Quds Day

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The educational workshop for the emotional intelligence principles and emotional management in the field of working and business hold in Chamber of Commerce of KERMANSHAH with the presence of a group of economic activists.
This educational course took 6 hours and participants received class attendance license.

This meeting held in the KERMANSHAH Governor Location and here are the discussion and dialogue topics and agendas:

1-Medical University proposal and Treatment and Health Services in province related in the establishment of Comprehensive Health Services Center at industrial town of FARAMAN

2-Delivering Tax Affairs Office report in relation with tax-free rate for the industrial towns of the province

Wednesday, 05 April 2017 06:07

An Opportunity called KERMANSHAH

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Kermanshah chamber of commerce, industries, mines and agricultures (KRCCIMA) published the version of booklet An Opportunity called KERMANSHAH

According to the report of KRCCIMA's public relations, this booklet has information consists of Kermanshah's general overview, political structure, history, human capital, international trade, banking system, stock market, travel, tourism and economy overview in different fields such as: energy, industries, mineral resources, agriculture, food,... .

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Happy New Year

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Otaq 64

The productive capabilities and investment opportunities meeting held in Iraq country by the presence of some of the country officials, different countries ambassadors and the economic activists.

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