Export Development Center of the West of the Country

Commissions (5)

The first meeting of agriculture committee was convened in conference hall of Kermanshah Chamber, as reported by Public Relations Department of Kermanshah Chamber.
Recalling the serious crisis of water in the state, Mr. Keyvan Kashefi, member of boarding committee of Iran Chamber and head to Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce said: "Kermanshah Province has confronted with water crisis since several years ago."
Stating the fact that elites, educated people and thinkers constitute the Chamber, he added that the work as a powerful consultancy work force.
Mr. Nasser Moradi, head to Committee of Agriculture of the Chamber said: "Some issues must be set forth in the Committee of Agriculture with capability of pursue and execution from high ranking officials." He added that the committee pursues the farmers' claims intensively.
Pointing out to impediments of production in agriculture sector, he said: "Mechanization of agriculture is a core principle that is pursued by the Committee. Agriculture, nowadays, is done with the help of technology worldwide; however, we still use traditional ways in our country.
At the end, committee's members discussed about various subjects such as definition of agriculture, increase in cultivation of chickpea, branding agricultural productions of Kermanshah, exportation of the Province's productions, considering water and draught issues and fighting against illegal wells, striding for obviation of production impediments, determination of alternative cultivations, considering agriculture economics, giving special attention to environment, increasing productivity, prioritization of cultivations with special attention to the Province's conditions, paying attention to training, soil and agricultural products health issues, exportation of technical and Eng. services etc.

Based on the report made by Public Relations Dept. of Kermanshah Chamber, Mr. Keyvan Kashefi, head to the Chamber and member of Directors Board of Iran Chamber emphasized on the importance of providing consultation and considered it as the major responsibility of the Committee. He said: "private sector, governmental sector and university professors are the three sides of investments. We hope that their presence in the committee provides it with useful and matured issues, for increasing investment in the Province.
Emphasizing on the necessity of having a common dialogue in investment committee, he added: "we must take into consideration that what is important for investment and plays a prominent role in the market of competitions is the thought and idea at first instance; the second is monetary requirements."
At the conclusion, he stated that there must be further concentrations on municipal and urban development projects. "We must scrutinize occupational conditions in the Province and provide investors and entrepreneurs with some programs to acclaim their efforts and work", he added.

Based on the report made by Public Relations Dept. of Kermanshah Chamber, Mr. Keyvan Kashefi, head to the Chamber and member of Directors Board of Iran Chamber emphasized on the existence of a great potential in the arenas of commerce and transportation. He said: "we have some problems which we must work on them in the committee"
Pointing out the existence of four active boundaries in the Province -which are going to be five in the near future-, he said: "we got a lot of problems for boundary infrastructures. The main part of commercial exchanges is carried out between Iraq and most of time and energy which is consumed in this regard should not make us away from other markets."
Head to Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce emphasized on the necessity of training of traders in order to make them prepared for working with European countries and the U.S. upon removal of economic sanctions.
"In my opinion, Kermanshahi traders can have a good relationship with the whole world traders since they had commercial exchanges with Iraq under very difficult conditions. However, we must think about which countries the Kermanshah province must work with in a manner that better results are obtained", he said.
Borhan Heydari, head to Kermanshah Chamber's Committee of Trading, Transportation and Transit said that we hope some problems are concerning importation, exportation and transportation problems are removed.
Babak Toarbi, a member of Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce evaluated commerce and transportation as the pivot of development in the province. He also emphasized: "we must go toward e-commerce and distance from traditional trading and being restricted to Iraq market."
There were some other discussions which the members of the committee discussed about such as solving the problems of transportation by invitation from international transportation companies, establishment of a specialty branch of taxation for traders and removing their taxing problems, paying special attention to training of traders and pursuing the receiving of export prizes, determination of exporting product prices, banks support from traders, planning for post-sanctions era and attraction of new markets, establishment of production and exportation consortiums, creation of data bank, showing the exportation capabilities of the province, using the capacity of commercial consuls of other countries.

Based on the report made by Public Relations Dept. of Kermanshah Chamber the first meeting of Kermanshah Chamber's Committee of Mining and Industry was convened in the presence of more than 40 members of the committee.
Pointing out to summon and registration of members, Mr. Keyvan Kashefi, member of boarding committee of Iran Chamber and head to Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce said: "specialists are present in the committee, either they are members of the Chamber, economic activists or university professors." He asked the committees to provide more detailed plans instead of generalizations.
Mr. Mohammadaref Ebrahimi, head to Industries and Mine Committee of the Chamber asked the members for a general pathology in this arena. He also added that we must provide authorities with reasonable and strong evidence. He emphasized that this will lead to occurrence of a proper efficiency. In addition, as stated by him, some active committees must be formed in different parts and experts must be invited in their meetings.
At the conclusion of the meeting members of the committee requested for pursue and investigation of some issues such as the relationship between industry and university, removal of taxation and insurance problems, apply training of economic activist, using the pattern of clusters, identification of factories or companies with problems, monitoring of industrial units, paying special attention to
R & D departments and the way having relationship with Iraq.

As reported by public relations department of Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Keyvan Kashefi, member of boarding committee of Iran Chamber and head to Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce recall tourism as favorable arena and suggested to add the name of tourism to the name of the Chamber.
Pointing out to the regressive approach of tourism in the province he said: "the arena of tourism is absolutely virgin; it is rich in many opportunities and possibilities of development. Chamber of commerce can involve in itself in tourism and make tremendous changes in this regard. However, it really depends on the dynamism of the Chamber's Members."
Emphasizing the necessity of changing the tourism status of the Province, he pointed out that the Committee can work as an intermediary.
Mr. Babak Torabi, head to Kemanshah Chamber's Tourism Committee and a member of the board of directors recalled the tourism committee as one of the most important committees of the Chamber especially after post-sanctions era. He said "We must solve tourism problems of the province by presenting plans. The committee in comprised of three sides i.e. private and governmental sectors and university professors. The purpose of this committee is to create a think tank for tourism; and its efficiency will be informed to relevant authorities.
He also added that the priorities of the Committee must be determined since many authorities look for solutions and it is the duty of the Committee to do so.
Pointing out to a newly enacted statute of the Cabinet, he said: "based on this statute, tourism facilities are considered as an industry with specific regulations thereof and they would not be subject to guild system."