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Economic Activists of KERMANSHAH Province met and talked with Investment Commercial Board of EZMIR-TURKEY

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In accordance with the report of public relations of KERMANSHAH Chamber, Investment-Commercial board of EZMIR- TURKEY who traveled to this province upon arrangement and invitation of KERMANSHAH Chamber, met and talked with economic activists of that province at the KERMANSHAH Chamber location.

As the KERMANSHAH Chamber Chairperson, KEYVAN KASHEFI declared; IRAN and TURKEY are serious to increase their commercial exchanges to 30 milliard Dollars annually.
Mentioning to this point that IRAN and TURKEY enjoy from a long time remarkable joint interests and commercial exchanges, added that these two countries are among the great economic countries in the region.
The chairperson of the KERMANSHAH Chamber by expressing the increase of relations between the two countries during recent years notified that; especially during the last year, the highest officials of the two countries and economic activists had more interactions with each other.
KASHEFI cited that; when our country suffered from WEST side and we were handling sanctions, TURKEY country always helped us and this is why we are going to have the most relations with TURKEY based on our new policies.

*Leather* is the first way to enter in TURKISH Market

NELSON HAZRATI, as the vice president of KERMANSHAH Chamber, announced agriculture, animal husbandry, and small industries as the most important parts for the two provinces.
He introduced TURKEY as a great power in the field of animal husbandry, and especially leather and continued; after ITALY, the TURKISH leather is the most famous brand. The vice president of Chamber of Commerce of KERMANSHAH by introducing leather as the first way to enter in TURKEU market and cooperation between the two provinces, acknowledged that: entering to this section will help the animal husbandry system of KERMANSHAH Province. HAZRATI introduced TURKEY as the pioneer country for the construction of commercial complexes and mall and added; it is feasible for us to take advantage from this potential for KERMANSHAH province.

He continued: even if the two provinces of KERMANSHAH and EZMIR enjoy from suitable conditions for investment, after all, these conditions are just free commercial regions and special economic regions and we shall not ignore the potentiality of these two sections.

Iran opens ASIA gate for TURKEY

JUNIT GULIT as the vice president of Chamber of Commerce of EZMIR believes that IRAN has the power to open ASIA gate for TURKEY and TURKEY is the EUROPE gate for IRAN.
He reminded the friendly-long relations of IRAN and TURKEY and said; during IRAN sanctions, TURKEY was our close friend.
Vice president of Chamber of Commerce of Turkey added; Iran can be a gate for TURKEY in order to enter the Asia market and TURKEY is the EUROPE gate for Iran.
He expressed that the amount of commercial exchanges between Iran and Turkey is now about 10 milliard dollars, and added that we shall increase this number by using the capacities of the two countries.
GULIT by mentioning to the population of Iran and Turkey as 160 million people, notified that; this population is the guarantee for a 500 milliard dollar market and the two countries shall use it for business.

Conditions prepared for Iranian businesspersons in Turkey

AMIR ANSARI, as the member of board of directors of free commercial region of EZMIR remarked that; TURKEY prepares the required conditions for Iranian businesspersons and investors.
he reminded the very good conditions of free commercial regions for investment and added that; the free commercial region of EZMIR prepares the investment conditions for the economic activists of KERMANSHAH Province.
Visiting the industries and productions of the Province, participation in B2B sessions and specialized panels, visiting province governor and managers are among the programs of this board.

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