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Tuesday, 02 August 2016 03:39

Chairperson of KERMANSHAH Chamber with President: We request you to change the special economic zone of GHASRE SHIRIN to the Free Commercial Zone

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Chairperson of KERMANSHAH Chamber said: We request the president to ask the board of ministers to ratify changing special economic zone of GHASRESHIRIN to free zone, as this issue without forcing the government to pay any expense, results in economic development of the whole province.

In accordance with the report received from public relations of Kermanshah Chamber, in a meeting with the presence of president for investment and development of Kermanshah province, after mentioning to the three years age of the government of wisdom and hope, KEYVAN KASHEFI, said; we achieved great successes in these years.
He continued: bringing about the stability and discipline in country economy implemented as expected and inflation monitored as the greatest 40 years challenge in country economy.
Kermanshah Chamber Chairperson added that; after becoming positive, economic growth of country goes up mildly and as the more important issue, nowadays we witness for the respectful speech of world, therefore we can bravely claim for enjoying to WTO and G20 countries.
Mentioning to president, the member of board of directors of Iran Chamber claimed that; your majesty are completely aware that we shall still implement many important and basic jobs in country economy which we shall perform them by leaning upon the acquired infrastructures.
He added that: bringing about the economy development, leaving recession and stable employment development and promotion of people life level are among the most important affairs.
KASHEFI said; today is the end for criticism and weakness promulgation and today our country needs sympathy and help from all system sections with government in order to solve economic problems.
Kermanshah Chamber Chairperson continued; during resistance economy, action and implementation, we witness for good actions in country, ratifying and announcing different facilitating circular and dedicating financial resources and government will in order to change this year economy to a better one.
He said; through making closer the economic activists and government together, it will be possible to receive working and business level of country to the world ranking of 70 and 80 as we received to 152 from 118.
Member of Iran Chamber board of directors called the implementation of circulars and laws as the greatest fear among private section managers.
He said; unfortunately, we experienced the intense detritus resistance of bureaucratic system of our country and they make most of good will’s governors and their implemented actions useless.
KASHEFI suggested for the formation of a resistance economy committee in order to do the required reaction against resistance economy obstacles.

Kermanshah Chamber Chairperson continued that we can-not expect a simple manager to perform great jobs and he said; trusting in governor and province managers and enhancing their authority’s level will solve many inside province problems.
Announcing the president, he said: authority level for our managers shall increase and ministries and banks shall dedicate a green road for transferring and investigating Kermanshah requests.
In his speech, KASHEFI mentioned to Kermanshah province and said; Kermanshah enjoys from historical and potential power for business and export and the background of Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce goes back to the 95 years ago. In spite of low level of different economic indicators, we have a 3 milliard export annually, which it’s one half is the result of our manufacturing units and our businesspersons.
This expert for economic issues continued that; we shall reinforce this potentiality and this will have direct effect over other sections.
He wanted the president to ask board of ministers to ratify transferring the special economic zone of GHASRESHIRIN to free zone and include Kermanshah in the offer for new free zones in Islamic consultative assembly.
KASHEFI continued that; replacing the special economic zone of GHASRESHIRIN to free zone would result in economic development of the whole province without forcing the government to spend expenses.

At his end of speech, KASHEFI talked about the environment issue and dusts and said; dusts are one of the most important future challenges of Kermanshah province and it leads to human, financial capitals immigrations and destructive influences on economy and region health, which is a very important and basic issue.
He said: paying attention to this issue is one of the major demands and concerns of Kermanshah population and we demand for establishing a special committee in order to investigate this issue and recognition of the related intricacy solutions.

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