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Vice President of KERMANSHAH Chamber of Commerce in the Meeting of Chambers of Commerce of D8 Countries: It is Justifiable and Useful to Invest in KERMANSHAH

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DSC 0007 2By mentioning to the expanded and close competition in the new global economic space, NELSON HAZRTI said; one of the most useful and effective solutions for the economic development and growth of the countries is the regional agreements and convergence which paves the way for the development of economic and commercial connections through removing commercial restrictions between the member countries.
The 7-time increase in the business volume of D8 countries since 1977 up to now, is a sign for this treaty success, he continued. Vice President of Chamber of Commerce of KERMANSHAH also reminded about the political crisis, which Islamic Countries suffer from and added, these crisis are among one of the encountering problems, which bring about different types of obstacles such as economic relationships of countries.
HAZRATI hoped to enjoy from a more secure and suitable situation for the progress of developing Islamic countries through disappearing these crisis and bringing about peace and tranquility.
A 500 billion dollar targeting for the D8 exchanges, would be a bright horizon which will be achievable just through the effort and interaction of the private and governmental countries sections based on a complete support by the side of production and economy activists, he said.
The Vice President of the KERMANSHAH Chamber of Commerce reminded that; we hope to achieve in more desirable results for the group-defined targets through more interaction between the private and governmental sections and increasing the competition power of the member countries and enhancement of the wealth and improvement of the daily life quality level among the Islamic countries.
For the economic section KERMANSHAH Province is the entrance gate for Iraq markets and more than a half of Iran export to this country performs through this province borders, he added.
As this economic issues expert said, KERMANSHAH in fact holds the central point role as a 6 million market in Iran and a 10 million one in Iraq. For that reason, investment in is justifiable and profitable in this province.

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