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Thursday, 16 September 2021 08:14

Head of Kermanshah Chamber: Industries, whose electricity is cut off, need support

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Referring to the power outages in the province's industries and stating that many of these enterprises are producers of basic goods for the people, the head of the Kermanshah Chamber said: "There is no support for the industries whose electricity is cut off."

In the 69th session of the Government-Private Sector Negotiation Council of the Kermanshah Province, Keivan Kashefi first mentioned the electricity shortage that the country is facing and added: "Unfortunately, for the first time and with the prioritization that has been made, we are witnessing power outages in industries and producer enterprises in the province."

Stating that the power outage has faced serious challenges and shutdowns in the production sector, he highlighted that many of these enterprises are producers of basic goods needed by the people and they cannot comply with their production obligations under these conditions.

He believes that special supports should be lent in the face of such pressure on industries.

Kashefi then added about the performance of governmental departments in realizing this year's naming under the title of "Production, Supports, and Barriers-removal": "We demand that governmental departments have more cooperation in presenting their performance about naming this year. In addition, governmental departments such as banks should present their performance in the field of making payments for facilities, working capital, etc., as well as other governmental departments such as Social Security (Organization) and Tax Offices should provide their measures in the field of incentives and exemptions to see what real support and barrier-removal have been lent and conducted for producer enterprises this year.

We must seriously support the business expansion

The Kermanshah Province governor said: "We must seriously support the expansion of business and producers of different sectors in the year of supporting the production and removing barriers."

Referring to the naming of this year as Production Support and Barrier-removal, Houshang Bazvand emphasized: "This year, we are all obliged to provide the necessary conditions to facilitate the business expansion and producers support and the farmer, who wants to produce, should benefit from various services and there should not be any obstacles for the farmer's work.

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