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Signing Cooperation Agreement By and Between Trading Chambers of Kermanshah and Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

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A cooperation agreement between Chambers of Commerce of Kermanshah and Sulaymaniyah, Iraq was signed by the parties for the development of economic relations and obviation of obstacles existing along the way of trading.

As reported by Public Relation Dept. of Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce, this agreement was drawn up in six paragraphs and signed by Head to Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce, vice-chairman of Sulaymaniah Trading Chamber, Economic Attaché of Iran Consulate in Sulaymaniah and Traders' Representatives at the end of the travel made by Sulaymaniah Board of Traders.
"I hope that this agreement would prosper economic relationa between the parties " said Keyvan Kashefi, a member of directing board of Iran Chamber and head to Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce in the agreement signature ceremony and added: " These meetings between economic persons in charge and merchants of both countries would surely facilitate trades and increase economic engagements in various fields."
Head to Kermanshah Chamber expressed his hope for conductance of Islamic Republic of Iran Exhibition of Abilities concerning Kermanshah Province in Sulaymaniah- Iraq by the next spring.
Yassin Rahim Faraj Nayeb, vice-chairman of Sulaymaniah Chamber of Commerce said: “there is a recession in Kurdistan of Iraq due to budget problems and presence of ISIS. Undoubtedly, if there were not such issues, big projects could be implemented in Kurdistan and we could use the capability of Iranian merchants and engineers more and more.
He also said: "unfortunately, we witness some people working in the field of business without any relevant specialty; therefore, contracts shall be drawn up under the supervision of chambers of commerce of both parties to alleviate such problems.
Contents of this agreement include: Kermanshah and Sulaymaniah Chambers shall proceed with issuance of certificate of origin for exported goods by relevant authorities, taking action to eliminate transportation impediments and Iranian traders journey to Kurdistan,- Iraq by Sulaymaniah Trading Commerce, trying to obviate obstacles decreasing trading exchanges, helping Sulaymaniah Chamber of Commerce to hold a specialty exhibition concerning Kermanshah Province in Sulaymaniah, agreeing upon the establishment of a 3-person committee in Kermanshah and Sulaymaniah Chamber of commerce to settle financial and commercial disputes between traders of the parties, to promptly inform the parties of any modifications of Customs Laws and qualitative control.

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