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KRC 6247

The Glorifying Celebration for the superior exporter on KERMANSHAH Province was yesterday (Wednesday, 02/Nov/2016) through the majority presence of the economic activists and the executive sections managers in the community salon of KERMANSHAH Chamber.

KERMANSHAH Chamber Chairperson criticized the non-enhancement of 3-milliard dollar export during the last four years, and said; we should increase it to 4-milliard dollar annually.

Mentioning to this point that KERMANSHAH export has come to about 3-milliard dollar from 460 million dollar since last 10 years, he added that, unfortunately this digits did not increase and did not changed for these four years.

We had a 3-milliard export since 2012 and except 2013 when it was the high peak of DAESH presence in Iraq and led to the export decrease, we did not go upper than a 3-milliard digit during these whole years, KASHEFI continued.

By mentioning to the ability of increasing this digit to 4-milliard dollar during the next 2 years, the chairperson of the KERMANSHAH Chamber believed that achieving this goal demands a strategy and program compiling.

He also reminded the remarkable export growth during recent 10 years and said; fortunately, we faced a good event after many years when we were witness for the positive country commercial balance.

Businesspersons and manufacturers should be ready for the presence of the giant companies with a trillion dollar export in Iran neighborhoods, Vice President of the Business Development Organization, MOHAMMAD REZA MODOODI, said.

He mentioned in the foreign commerce as one of the basic economic debates throughout the world after the year 2008 economic crisis and added, most of the countries choose the shrinking economy after this crisis and the 19000 milliard dollar of global commerce for the year 2015 is now 16000 milliard dollar.

By mentioning to the shrinking import in many countries, he emphasized that, our neighborhood countries also chose this procedure and we are witness for its impact in export descendant.

For instance, Iraq decreased its import share to %30, Iran share, however, was just %4 and this was 20-30 percent for Afghanistan and Iran share was %5-%6 for this Section, the counselor of the Industry, Mine and Commerce said.

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DSC 0007 2By mentioning to the expanded and close competition in the new global economic space, NELSON HAZRTI said; one of the most useful and effective solutions for the economic development and growth of the countries is the regional agreements and convergence which paves the way for the development of economic and commercial connections through removing commercial restrictions between the member countries.
The 7-time increase in the business volume of D8 countries since 1977 up to now, is a sign for this treaty success, he continued. Vice President of Chamber of Commerce of KERMANSHAH also reminded about the political crisis, which Islamic Countries suffer from and added, these crisis are among one of the encountering problems, which bring about different types of obstacles such as economic relationships of countries.
HAZRATI hoped to enjoy from a more secure and suitable situation for the progress of developing Islamic countries through disappearing these crisis and bringing about peace and tranquility.
A 500 billion dollar targeting for the D8 exchanges, would be a bright horizon which will be achievable just through the effort and interaction of the private and governmental countries sections based on a complete support by the side of production and economy activists, he said.
The Vice President of the KERMANSHAH Chamber of Commerce reminded that; we hope to achieve in more desirable results for the group-defined targets through more interaction between the private and governmental sections and increasing the competition power of the member countries and enhancement of the wealth and improvement of the daily life quality level among the Islamic countries.
For the economic section KERMANSHAH Province is the entrance gate for Iraq markets and more than a half of Iran export to this country performs through this province borders, he added.
As this economic issues expert said, KERMANSHAH in fact holds the central point role as a 6 million market in Iran and a 10 million one in Iraq. For that reason, investment in is justifiable and profitable in this province.

KRC 4796In meeting of the board of Iraq DIYALA Province under the supervision of DIYALA governor with economic officials and KERMANSHAH businesspersons, KAYVAN KASHEFI mentioned in the proximity of DIYALA and KERMANSHAH province as a suitable opportunity for the progress of economic goals, public relations of KERMANSHAH Chamber reported. He added that; with regard to the quartering of pilgrimages of Holy Shrines, we will exchange one milliard dollars annually as the result of this important medium between the two provinces of DIYALA and KERMANSHAH, in case that we solve problems of SOOMAR and KHOSRAVI border.
KASHEFI mentioned to the commercial relations between the two provinces of KERMANSHAH and DIYALA during the recent 2 years and said; during this period, three boards came to our province from DIYALA, we had two meetings with the chairperson of the DIYALA Commercial Chamber and we signed memorandum of understandings.
KASHEFI mentioned in the top agricultural situation of KERMANSHAH Province as it enjoys from facilities and skillful forces and said; we suggest the DIYALA Governor to take action for determine us as the host for the agricultural board of that province.
KERMANSHAH Chamber Chairperson also said; people living in DIYALA Province can take advantage from suitable medical services in short time and in 2 hours from KERMANSHAH Province.
*MASNA ALI ALTAMIMI* the Governor of the IRAQ DIYALA Province expressed his pleasure for travelling to KERMANSHAH Province and expressed his hope that he believes this trip would pave the way for expanding the relationships in different sections between the two provinces.
He also mentioned to the commercial exchanges performed through SOOMAR-MANDELI border and said: there exist some problems for the enhancement of commercial exchanges through this border and we hope we can solve them through the establishment of a joint committee and it result in more upswing of this border.

KRC 2525

Chairperson of KERMANSHAH Chamber said: We request the president to ask the board of ministers to ratify changing special economic zone of GHASRESHIRIN to free zone, as this issue without forcing the government to pay any expense, results in economic development of the whole province.

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In accordance with the report of public relations of KERMANSHAH Chamber, Investment-Commercial board of EZMIR- TURKEY who traveled to this province upon arrangement and invitation of KERMANSHAH Chamber, met and talked with economic activists of that province at the KERMANSHAH Chamber location.


"To Codify Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce, Mine, Agriculture and Industries' Plans in line with Economy of Resistance" Head to Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce, Mine, Agriculture and Industries

"Our priority is to schedule some plans in line with Economy of Resistance in 2016-17",
Kayvan Kashefi, Head to Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce, Mine, Agriculture and Industries said. He, in respect of exportation priorities, added that products of Kermanshah province have always at priority of exportation and marketing. Moreover, it has pursued its goals by inviting different commercial delegations and introduction of the products manufactured in the province.
In respect of the Chamber's activities in the year of "Economy of Resistance, Proper Action and Practice" He also pointed out that Economy of Resistance, in a simplified language, implicates to an economy in which unfavorable upheavals of the world, sanctions, regional and economic crises and manufacturing recessions have the least effects. Therefore, our plan is to do so.
He also added that export increase of non-oil merchandises, optimum use of the province and the region opportunities for consecutive manufacturing of goods in the world markets, marketing of the state and province's products, and training of competent traders will be of the core priorities of the Chamber in current year.

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The head of Kermanshah province mining house said: exist facilities reception applicants of mines recession is high in Kermanshah but the facilities are very limited.
Mohammad Aref Ebrahimi expressed: Payment of 12% facilities of national development fund for reactivation of dormant mines and prevent of stagnate of other mines is remarkable help but the number of its reception applicants is high and facilities payment is very limited.
First Deputy Chairman of Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber of Commerce stating that first rank of province mines is bitumen and he stated: High government salaries in the mining sector which led to the prorogue of many Kermanshah mines with the efforts of province industry, mine and trade organizations can be reduced to 85% regarding bitumen.
Kermanshah member of the Chamber of Commerce representatives informed about improving prosperity in bitumen market and expressed: the situation of the province mines that suffers from recession will improve by supporting Kermanshah industry, mine and trade organization in case of providing technical assistances of the province mines situation.

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By reporting the public relations of Kermanshah room, Keyvan Kashefi said: despite favorable coordinations that is done between province customs and airport managers and the pursuit and seriousness of the honorable governor, we hope that the possibility of goods imports and exports begin from martyr Ashrafi Esfahani airport.
Iran Chamber board member expressed the hope by referring to taken actions for the construction of special warehouse and presence of customs experts in airport, by supporting country customs director general will be solve the problem of X-Ray machine early and begin the good imports and exports.
He stated that Kermanshah airport is a focus on West flights and is in suitable situation and he said: we hope that province manufacturers and traders and neighboring provinces can use of the airport trade capacities.

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Based on the report of public relations of KERMANSHAH Chamber of Commerce and following the General Assembly of Joint Chamber of Commerce of Iran and Iraq, which hold in February 7, MOHAMMAD AREF EBRAHIMI selected as the member of board of directors of the Joint Chamber of Commerce of Iran and Iraq by acquiring 130 votes among 160 acquired votes

KRC 0197Economic activists of KERMANSHAH met and negotiated with the Commercial Board of ZIGHAR / IRAQ in Chamber of Commerce of KERMANSHAH

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