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The authors of the book are Dr. Mohsen Renani, a faculty member of the University of Isfahan, and Dr. Nariman Mohammadi, a Senior Researcher of Developmental Intellectual Dynamic.

Kermanshah Development Book has been compiled and published in 10 chapters and 350 pages.

Several issues have been addressed, including the history of Kermanshah from ancient times through the imposed war, climatic and geopolitical situation of Kermanshah, diversity of Kermanshah in various biological, trade, industrial, agricultural fields, transition to economic and social indices etc. in different chapters of the book.

The online seminar entitled "An Introduction to New and Permanent VAT regulations approved in 2021" was held in the Kermanshah Chamber.

This course was held by Mr. Amin Gholami in person and online.

Definitions and generalities, reference, fees and methods of calculation, exemptions, tasks and responsibilities of taxpayers and third parties, crimes, etc. about VAT were lectured in this online seminar.

Participants were satisfied with the tutorials and received a certificate of participation in the course as well.

This online seminar was held by the Kermanshah Chamber aiming at enhancing the knowledge of economic activists.

Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce held a tutorial webinar on "Marketing and Branding in Tourism Industry".

Mohammad Shirkond was in charge of lecturing this online tutorial seminar.

Identifying and stabilizing the position of the business brand, planning and implementing brand marketing programs in tourism industry, measuring the brand performance in the tourism industry, maintaining, strengthening, and expanding the brand equity (eigenvalue) in the tourism industry, etc. were among the items lectured in this webinar.

Participants completed the course satisfactorily receiving a certificate of course completion.

In addition to economic activities, the Kermanshah Chamber has made the tutorials based on up-to-date topics needed by economic activists its top priority.

A tutorial webinar entitled "Content Management in Portal and Organizational Website" was held in Kermanshah Chamber.

This online course was lectured by Dr. Javad Elahi.

The topics such as the basics and concepts of content marketing, different steps of content marketing, brand recognition, customer and competitors, content marketing pyramid, content channels' planning, blog structure planning, blog content planning, introduction to content SEO principles, social networks' planning, content routes planning, how to ideate for content, creation of a content marketing calendar, how to create and manage a team, good quality content features, inspection of old content, creation of content cycles, etc. were taught in this seminar.

The participants of this course were completely satisfied and received a certificate of participation in the course at the end.

Kermanshah Chamber has always attmpted to use the capacity of experienced and prominent lecturers to meet the tutorial needs of members and economic activists and holds several tutorial courses in this regard.

The tutorial webinar of Just In-Time (JIT) Production Plan Process" was held in Kermanshah Chamber and Dr. Javad Elahi was in charge of lecturing at this online seminar.

History and evolution of just in-time (timely) production, definition of timely system, timely system at a glance, fundamentals of timely production, timely production components, timely production objectives, benefits and limitations of JIT, prerequisites of a JIT plan, timely production system planning, JIT implementation process, JIT inventer, JIT control etc. were the most important tutorial topics of the webinar.

The course was welcomed by the audiences and the participants received the course certificate at the end of the course.

Kermanshah Chamber compiles an tutorial calendar eachyear, which is the basis for holding tutorial courses.

The online seminar of "Sales Management with Coaching Approach" was organized by Kermanshah Chamber.

The introduction and expression of the general framework, sales and coaching view in sales, the do's and don'ts of sales coaching, explanation of the most important goals of sales coaching, planning the sales coaching activities, golden tips of sales coaching, etc. were among the tutorial topics of the webinar.

The webinar was lectured by Dr. Kambiz Tehrani, who was satisfied by the participants.

The participants received the relevant certificate at the end of the course.

In line with its tutorial programs, the Kermanshah Chamber always holds several tutorial courses in which experienced lecturers are used to lecture these courses.

The tutorial webinar of "An introduction to concepts and principles of organic agriculture" was held in Kermanshah Chamber.

Definition of organic agriculture, organic products, healthy products, organic agriculture goals, pests' control methods in organic agriculture, etc. were among the topics presented in this webinar by the lecturer.

The online seminar was taught by Mr. Seyyed Javad Vajedi.

The webinar, which was welcomed by audiences, was well satisfied by the participants.

The individuals present in the course were awarded a certificate at the end.

This webinar was held in line with the series of tutorial programs of Kermanshah Chamber

With introduction of the winners of the sixth Amin al-Zarb Entrepreneurship Ceremony, Muzaffar Abdullah, managing director of Rozhin Tak Agro-Industrial Company of Kermanshah and top national and provincial entrepreneur, was introduced as one of the winners of this award.

While congratulating this producer and economic activist, Kermanshah Chamber wishes him success in continuing this vicissitudinous route.

Amin al-Zarb entrepreneurial plaque and logo, statue award ceremony is held every year by the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, and Agriculture, and its call for participation was announced some time ago.

The purpose of this important event is to honor the position of the country's entrepreneurs and to appreciate their efforts.

This flower-laying ceremony was held with the presence of the head of the Kermanshah Chamber, a group of economic activists, trademen, guilds, craftsmen, and athletes of the province.

Five billion rials were collected by the efforts of charitable people and economic activists for the release of prisoners of unintentional crimes in Kermanshah in this movement.

In the meeting of the Government-Private Sector Negotiation Council, referring to the latest evaluation made in the business atmosphere index by the Iran Chamber in the summer of 2021, Keyvan Kashefi said: Kermanshah had the ranking of 24 in the country in this season that is five notch better than the previous season.

He believes that the business atmosphere in Kermanshah is currently improving with a gentle slope.

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