Export Development Center of the West of the Country

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Stating that many follow-ups were conducted to turn the Islamabad Gharb Special Economic Zone into a car import pilot, the head of the Kermanshah Chamber added: "Even the car import procedures are currently active in customs."

He considered the import alongside the export necessary for the stability of foreign trade and stipulated: there are several areas in Kermanshah that can be focused for importing the goods.

Javanroud can become a mobile import hub.

The tutorial webinar of " Comprehensive instruction of contract-writing" was held in Kermanshah Chamber and welcomed by the applicants.

Necessary skills for contract-writing, familiarity with general and specific regulations governing the contracts, definition, principles, and general elements of contracts, title writing, introduction writing and reasons for its existence in the contract, contracting parties and checking the authenticity and identity of the contracting parties,

Today, Houshang Bazvand visited the project site under construction of the Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce and was informed about the construction process of this project.

Keyvan Kashefi, the head of the Kermanshah Chamber, also gave explanations to the governor of Kermanshah on the sidelines of the visit.

He announced the progress of almost 40% of this project and said: "This project started in late 2019 and is now being implemented with a proper process."

The head of the Kermanshah Chamber stated: This project is being constructed in an area of ​​11,000 square meters and 6,700 meters of infrastructure on Shahid Keshvari Boulevard (Kashmir).

Economic activists in the field of food and edible industries in Kermanshah met with the head of the Malaysian Palm Oil Industries Office.

Dariush Panahi mentioned Kermanshah as a province with considerable capacity in Iran, which has great trade and export potentials due to its proximity to Iraq.

The Secretary General of Kermanshah Chamber listed dairy, food, oil, tomato paste, canned food, petrochemical, flour, cement, etc. as capacities of Kermanshah and stated: There are rich capacities, especially in the field of rocks and bitumen in the province in the field of mineral industries and mine reserves. He noted there is a readiness to expand the two countries exchanges through the barter with regard to the restrictions on the currency transfer.

Heshamuddin Aspar, head of the Malaysian Palm Oil Industries Office, also mentioned Iran as one of Malaysia's important trading partners in the field of import and export.

Stating that Malaysia is an exporter of palm oil, some agricultural products, wood, MDF, etc. into Iran, he noted that many products in the agricultural, petrochemical, and even oil products were exported into Malaysia from Iran in the past so that Malaysia has established some of its oil refineries according to the Iranian oil standard. 

The head of the Malaysian Palm Oil Industries Office mentioned this country as an East Asian hub and continued: Iran also has the potential to be a Central Asian hub.

Online training seminar of "An introduction to Management Information Systems (MIS)" was organized by Kermanshah Chamber. Foundations and concepts of information systems, the effects of information systems on organizations, information system elements, conceptual information structure design, decision support information systems, functional information systems, integration of information systems, e-business systems, etc. were among the topics presented in this webinar.

Keyvan Kashefi, the head of the Kermanshah Chamber, stated: "Previously, the directory had started its activities in Persian and now it has been launched in both Arabic and English."

Kashefi added: The directory of economic activists is a complete set of information of production, industrial, import, export, agriculture, mining, tourism, service, and trading enterprises of Kermanshah.

He continued: the information of more than 650 enterprises based on the type of productions or imports and exports that they conduct is entered in this system and it is possible to access the information of these enterprises.

According to the head of the Kermanshah Chamber, this directory is the first directory of economic activists in Iran, and its platform has been provided with other chambers of commerce in the country.

Kashefi announced that the purpose of launching this directory was to provide a comprehensive database of economic activists and stated: "This directory will facilitate the interaction between economic activists, introduction of the productions and economic capabilities of these individuals, as well as the prosperity of their business."

Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mine, and Agriculture presented a certificate of appreciation to Bardia Mohammadi, a young genius of the province.

This teenager had won the B level championship in the World Mental Computing Competitions and made Kermanshah and the country proud.

In line with its social responsibilities and to support talented and future-developer people, Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce has a special focus on such honorees and always lends them material and spiritual supports.

A training webinar entitled "Introduction to cryptocurrencies, digital currencies, Bitc,oin and China Blockchain" was held in Kermanshah Chamber.

History of money development and types of currencies, basic concepts in the world of cryptocurrencies, digital currencies ecosystem, introduction of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and description of how to conduct its exchanges, mining, trading, and long-term investment, Blockchain and its applications in finance and non-financial etc. were among the topics discussed in this webinar.

The head of the Iran-Syria Joint Chamber of Commerce stressed the need to expand the economic ties between the Iranian and Syrian private sectors.

In the economic and investment meeting of Iranian and Syrian economic activists, which was attended by the Minister of Industry, Mine, and Trade of Iran, Ministers of Industry, Economy, and Foreign Trade of Syria and Iranian and Syrian economic activists and producers in Damascus, Keyvan Kashefi considered the most important issue the expansion of economic exchanges between the private sectors of the two countries reminding the difficult path crossed by Syria.

He added: "We have traveled a good path with an appropriate acceleration in the past three years concurrent with reconstruction start in Syria, and today, we firmly declare that we are at the best level of ties between the chambers of commerce of the two countries."

A member of the board of directors of the Iran Chamber added: "We expect to see 100% growth in economic exchanges between the two countries next year."

The Iranian Trade Center was inaugurated in Damascus of Syria with the presence of Dr. Fatemi Amin, Minister of Industry, Mine, and Trade, Mr. Samer Khalil, Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade of Syria, and Mr. Gholam Hossein Shafei, Chairman of the Iranian Chamber and heads of the Syrian Chambers of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture.

Keyvan Kashefi, head of the Iran-Syria Joint Chamber, presented a report on the purchase and equipping of the center.

He announced the readiness of the center for the presence of Iranian economic activists and declared: All services and consultations required by Iranian companies will be provided in this center.

According to the head of the Iran-Syria Joint Chamber, the center has been put into operation due to the efforts of the Iran-Syria Joint Chamber.

Kashefi added: This center is providing services to Iranian companies and economic activists in an area of ​​five thousand square meters on 12 floors in the center of Damascus City.

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