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According to the report of Kermanshah Chamber Public Relations, Keyvan Kashefi, the head of the Kermanshah Chamber, pointed to the decrease in the province's unemployment rate in the autumn and added: "This decrease in unemployment rate was also predicted during the studies conducted by the Center for Studies and Research of Iran Chamber."

Keyvan Kashefi in the celebration event of the premier exporters of Kermanshah province which was held today mentioned the economic difficulties of the previous year. He also stated: “beside such unparalleled difficult situation, we witnessed economic stability which we owe merely to the exporters.

Premier exporters of Kermanshah were appreciated. 23rd anniversary of National Export Day was held with the attendance of the governor, authorities, exporters of the province, and the business activists.

In this event the CEO’s of Manizan company, Rozhin Tak, Siman-e Saman Gharb, Chini Kord, Ard Bistun,

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بسم رب الشهداء و الصدیقین

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A member of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce and the Austrian Ambassador met.
Keyvan Kashefi during the meeting mentioned: "In the future, with the normalization of the economical situation , we are grateful of Austria for being fully committed to JCPA."

Keyvan Kashefi, chairman of the Iran-Syria Joint Economic Committee and a member of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, who has traveled to Syria as part of a business delegation comprised of private sector activists, spoke at the Iran-Syria Economic Activists Forum.
At the meeting, he emphasized: The transit route of the commodity could be a turning point in the boom of exchanges that should be pursued with the utmost diligence by the authorities in pursuit and agreement.

Keyvan Kashefi, mentioned the volume of Iran's $ 9 billion export to Iraq last year (which had a significant jump), head of Kermanshah chamber of commerce said About $ 3 billion in the total exports to Iraq was with kermanshah contribution which is a great deal to these trade exchanges.
The head of the Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce also announced plans to import from Iraq to Iran and said: "Because of our export to Iraq, we have enough currency in Iraq and we have many active companies in Iraq that can increase imports from this country." Help the country.

According to the Public Relations Department of Kermanshah chamber of commerce , a ceremony of industry and mining was held with the introduction of selected people and the leading craftsmen and miners of Kermanshah in the industrial city of Bisotun.

The meeting, which was attended by economic and community activists from the provincial authorities, delivered speeches by Keyvan Kashfi, chairman of the Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce, Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, Governor of Kermanshah, and Kermanshah Member of parliament .

According to the Public Relations Department of Kermanshah, in the 9th election day of the Iranian Chamber of Deputies, which was held today, Keyvan Kashefi, the head of the Kermanshah Trade Office, was elected as a member of the Iranian Chamber.
‏Kashefi was previously a member of the Chamber of Deputies for four years and now he remained in the Iranian Chamber of Deputies for the second term.
‏The duration of this term will be for four years

Mentioning to the firm willing of the two countries of Iran and Syria  and the economical relationships reinforcement, according Keywan Kashefi, Chairperson of the Joint Committee of Iran and Syria and member of the Presidium of Iran Chamber , within Iran and Syria Commercial Meeting which has been held in Iran Chamber: In spite the existence of extremely high capacities of the two countries and deep political relationships between Iran and Syria, however, the economical relations level is not defendable for the two countries.

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