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Following the visit of members of the committee on Industries and Mines of Islamic Consultative Assembly Committee Industry and Mines to Kermanshah, a tripartite agreement of cooperation was signed.

This agreement which was in three articles and ten clauses was signed by the Dialogue Counsel of government and private sector of Kermanshah Governorate, and the Iranian Parliament's Committee of Industries and Mines, and was in line with the implementation of the Supreme Leader's guidelines regarding the general policies of the resistance economy.

KERMANSHAH Imams, Province Officials and a group of Province mobilizations hold this ceremeony in the Chamber of Commerce of KERMANSHAH and they admired the noble mobilizations and some businesspersons and mobilizations trades.

Chairperson of Chamber of Commerce of KERMANSHAH, we should make brand for tourism section.
During tourism, economy, sport and art commission of Chamber of Commerce of KERMANSHAH, KEYWAN KASHEFI said; today we are witness for the tourism industry and its moving forward with an astonishing speed and most families devote some of their income to tourism.

The Chairperson of Chamber of Commerce of KERMANSHAH announced: KERMANSHAH and *CHELIABINSK* will be announced as adopted sister.
In his meeting with the presence of Russia embassador in Iran and Russian commercial board and also a group of economic activists of KERMANSHAH Province which hold in Chamber of Commerce, KEYWAN KASHEFI remembered RUSSIA as one of the countries which can bring about acceptable commercial interactions with Iran and especially KERMANSHAH.

The head of Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce: to discuss problems and barriers of exports in the financial and banking field; the Export Development Bank can help the merchants of the province to expand exports. The head of Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce said the Export Development Bank could help and assist the merchants of the province in the development of export

The commercial board in his three day's travel is scheduled to visit industrial, food and agricultural units, construction materials and tourism facilities in Kermanshah. Also, B2B meeting with merchants of Kermanshah and economic activists of the province and meeting with the officials of Kermanshah Governorate were among their travel plans to Kermanshah.

During this ceremony, Ghulam Mohammadi was honored as a pioneer in the field of flour and wheat and Olaya Ali Beigi as the representative of the workers' community.
Furthermore, in the industry sector Jahandar Shokri from Bisotun Steel Co., Hossein Saadati from Zagros Way Nasr Company, Mohammad Reza Medael from Nazgol Company, Naseri Naghdi from Bakhtar Biochemistry, Ahmad Reza Ashtari from Kermanshah

The Kermanshah Chamber of Commerce hosted the Majles Economic Commission in May 1996. Holding three meetings with economic activists, the Governmental Dialogue Council and the private sector, and meeting with the Friday Imam of Kermanshah were the program of this group.

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