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National Council of Chickpeas of Iran
Kermanshah is one of the important producers of chickpeas in the country, and Kermanshah ranks first in terms of the production of this product and its cultivated area according to the available statistics. Considering the existence of this potential in the province and the fact that chickpea cultivation is a strategic product for Kermanshah province and the chickpea council has been established on a national basis since 2012 in order to increase the cultivated area of this crop from the province's lands as a result to increase the amount of export and currency import of this crop. Among the tasks of this council are: trying to organize domestic and foreign trade and production and consumption of chickpeas and its products, continuous global and domestic marketing, identifying international markets, and informing global and domestic prices, creating a database in the fields related to the goals and duties of the council, domestic and foreign production and commercial activities of the members and publication of specialized books, magazines, and brochures are among the tasks of this council.
Contact number: 0098 83 38100063


Association of Livestock Producers and Exporters of Kermanshah
Kermanshah province has the best breed of livestock in the country and the region due to the suitable conditions and climate and it is one of the most capable provinces in animal husbandry and Kermanshah livestock is known as a brand in most countries based on the research conducted and climate studies. This union was established with the view of increasing the production of livestock and improving the level of animal husbandry in the province, as well as with an export view and aiming at earning currency through non-oil exports to this valuable product. Among the goals of this union are export and improvement of the quality of livestock services to members, continuous marketing, group participation, creating credit connections of the country through banks and providing financial facilities for members, creating an information bank, practical activities, consulting services, encouragement and support of investors in this direction, preventing undesired competition, accessing the global market, establishing a training course for members and attending domestic and foreign exhibitions, etc.
Contact number: 0098 83 37229552


Kermanshah Mining House
Kermanshah Province Mining House consists of a group of economic activists in the field of mineral production and export that have gathered aiming at investigating, finding solutions, and solving problems related to the organization and optimization of the mining industry in Kermanshah province. Improving the scientific and technological level in the production of minerals, processing and mining industries, increasing productivity in mines and processing factories and mining industries, enhancing the research and development activities in mines, creating required databases, holding scientific and educational gatherings etc. are among the goals of Kermanshah Province Mining House.
Contact number: 0098 83 38228131


Kermanshah Handicrafts Association
This association has been launched aiming at supporting the activists in the handicrafts field of Kermanshah province, branding, improving the quality of handicraft products of the province and providing operational solutions in the field of proper packaging and export of these products. Identifying export markets as well as training handicraft artists in the production of products based on global needs, empowering handicraft exporters with the latest negotiation techniques and selling products in foreign markets are also among the goals of this association.
Contact number: 0098 83 38228131


Organic Association of Kermanshah Province
Organic Association of Kermanshah Province is active with the goals of standardization of agricultural products of the province in order to increase food safety, increase productivity, sustainability in production, supply and trade, creation of employment for agricultural graduates, creation of a domestic market for organic agricultural products and increase in non-oil exports. The following can be mentioned among the goals of this association:
- Identification of organic product production areas
- Identification of producers and those involved in organic products based on market demand and their prioritization
- Investigating into issues and problems and compiling and presenting the necessary solutions in order to produce organic products from the stages before planting, planting, holding, harvesting, processing, packaging, trading and marketing, and organic products industries
- Creating databases and sites needed in the field of production, processing, marketing of organic products
- Establishing communication and cooperation with organizations, active foreign companies and real and legal persons and incorporations active in the field of organic products
- etc.
Contact number: 0098 83 38100063


Kermanshahi Oil Exporters and Producers Association
Kermanshah bestial oil is a potential and a brand in this province, which is famous not only in Iran, but also worldwide, and the Kermanshahi Oil Exporters and Producers Association was established since this capacity has not been addressed as it should be in the past years. This association was established with the issue of production and export in order to organize related issues and to maintain balance and order and to provide more exploitation of investment and production, use and transfer of scientific and practical experiences of those involved and make it timely (just-in-time) to achieve legal goals of development in such cases, to support the improvement of the business environment and to respond to problems and inadequacies within the framework of the relevant laws of the country and to defend the rights and legitimate interests of member juridical and natural persons.
Contact number: 0098 83 38228131


Distribution Industry Companies Association of Kermanshah Province
Distribution Industry Companies Association of Kermanshah Chamber was established in order to protect the legal rights and interests and improve the economic situation of the employers of distribution companies, which itself guaranteed protecting the interests of the society as well as strengthening private sector tenure after holding the establishment assembly at the site of Kermanshah Chamber. Preservation, support, and development of the distribution industry in the province, efforts to prevent unhealthy competitions and provision of grounds for constructive competition, exchange of opinions between members in order to implement a codified and desirable distribution table and development of the necessary standards, creation of an information center for the purpose of acquiring, classifying, and processing information related to standards, customers, scientific and technology companies and establishing a close communication between the distribution industry with universities, institutions, scientific and research centers and enhancing the scientific level of members and organizing seminars and training courses in relation to distribution is among the goals of this association establishment.
Contact number: 0098 83 38228131


Entrepreneurship center of Kermanshah province
The province's entrepreneurship center is a complex consisting of top entrepreneurs, profesisonals, and experts in the province's entrepreneurship field, which was established independently and non-governmentally as a think tank of the province's entrepreneurship field.
The goals of the center:
• Creating a strategic integrated management system in development of provincial entrepreneurship
• Discovering and making optimal use of the hidden capacities of entrepreneurs in the province
• Making the entrepreneurship consistent according to the needs of provincial and national development
• Institutionalization of entrepreneurship culture in the society and strengthening of the institutions supporting the entrepreneurship development
• Discovery and taking advantage of all the hidden and existing capacities of the regions and provinces, especially in the field of comparative advantages in the field of entrepreneurship development
• Continuous interaction between directors and experts of sovereign bodies with non-governmental sector entrepreneurs in order to make decisions and advance the development plans of the province and the country holding the training courses and continuous meetings with members
• Participation in domestic and foreign exhibitions etc.
Contact number: 0098 83 38228131


Construction Industry Association
Kermanshah Province Construction Industry Association was established in 2021 with participation of 7 different stakeholders of the construction industry, including developers and investors, managing directors of manufacturing factories of construction materials, design engineers, competent supervisors and executers, building developers and contractors with the support of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, and Agriculture of Kermanshah with the following goals.
• Amending the laws and instructions that are being implemented by the relevant executive bodies and is harming the growth and development of this industry (through being proposed in Negotiation Council of Government and Private Sector)
• Organizing the training courses to enhance the scientific level and to update the knowledge of members
• Participation in construction industry exhibitions in the countries of the target community to export technical and engineering services and the construction products
• Membership in the commissions related to the construction industry of the province in order to express the opinions of the private sector and to defend their rights and to propose ideas to solve the existing problems.
• Introducing the capabilities of the association members to the executive bodies in order to use the local power in national and provincial plans and projects.
Contact number: 0098 83 38228131