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Union of Producers and Exporters of Live Cattle in Kermanshah

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The introduction of the Union of Producers and Exporters of Live Cattle in Kermanshah Province
Kermanshah Province, thanks to its suitable climate conditions, breeds the best cattle in the country and according to research and climatic studies, it is one of the most appropriate provinces for animal husbandry, and Kermanshah cattle is a famous brand across the entire country.
The Livestock Union: To produce more livestock and to upgrade the level of animal husbandry in the province as well as the export prospects of this precious product, the Livestock Union was established in 2006 to produce more livestock and its members have taken positive steps towards exports of livestock to the neighboring countries, targeted exports and improving the quality of livestock services provided for members, continuous marketing, teamwork, establishing the country’s credit through banks and providing financial facilities for members, establishing an information bank, practical activities, consultation services, encouraging and supporting the investors in this regard, prevention of unhealthy competition, access to the global market, launching educational courses for members, and attending domestic and foreign exhibitions are some of the major activities of this union, and in line with this, it has successfully achieved some of its desired goals.

The Union of Producers and Exporters of Live Cattle of Kermanshah Province,
Pursuant to paragraph ( k ) of article 5 of the Iran Chamber of Commerce & Industries and Mines law and relevant executive bylaws, and according to 2006 - 11 - 27 of the general meeting of founders of The Union of Exporters of Live Cattle of Kermanshah, the minutes of proceedings dated 2006 - 11 - 27 of the board of directors of the said Union, The Union of Exporters of Kermanshah was established and registered under no. 216 dated 2007 - 04 - 23 in the agricultural and Industries, Mines & Agriculture Chamber of Commerce.
The union was established in 2007 with membership of over 50 traders and exporters established of livestock in Kermanshah Province and doubles as livestock export terminal on the Westside of the country. Between the years 2007 to mid - 2009 on the average, every year three hundred and fifty thousand pieces of live cattle, including goats and sheep, has been exported to the Persian Gulf countries, and this export is 80% of the total country's livestock export.
The export of province’s livestock, in addition to gaining very positive points for the province, has been a great institution with early returns that has managed to enroll more than two thousand individuals directly or indirectly without any financial help from the government. The Squirrel Cattle enjoys a global brand in the Gulf countries and this brand and trade mark has been introduced by this union,
Moreover, this union, in addition to the exports of The Squirrel Cattle strain, often collects livestock from other provinces collect and after all health and quarantine requirements exports them to the countries of destination. Regarding the export of meat and packaging and its products, we can make the optimum use of domestic slaughter. Therefore, based on the importance of the non - oil exports and surplus figures of cattle in the province annually 200 thousand from competent authorities, is a great and viable advantage and the province must seize the opportunity and through exports, generate foreign exchange for the province.
Meanwhile, in the first presidential trip to Kermanshah Province, the province was introduced as the country's livestock exports terminal and the project of the said terminal is a future plan to be pursued by this union.

The objectives of the union
The objectives of Union are as follows :
1 - Attempting to organize exports and improve the quality of services provided to the members.
2 - Continuous marketing with acquiring information relating to supply and demand, price, consumer markets, and production for supplying it to members by taking advantage of the latest global approaches to achieve the lawful objectives of exports development.
3 - Teamwork in decision making and making decisions and preparing and setting up draft laws and legislations related to the export of goods and services in order to preserve national and members’ resources through coordination with the Iran Chamber.
4 - Establishing relationships with the country’s banks and credit organizations and international financial and monetary organizations, in the framework of the Islamic Republic's laws and providing substructure of financial facilities in order to develop the activities of the members.
5 - Creating an information bank in the fields related to the objectives and tasks of the union, export activities of the members, and information communication through creation of information networks and publication of specialized books, magazines and brochures.
6 - Activity towards absorption and participation of natural and legal persons eligible for membership in the union.
7 - To promote the reputation and dignity of the union members through organizing and establishing proper relationships between the member units.
8 - Undertaking any scientific, research activities within and outside the country in the framework of applicable laws to achieve the objectives of the union.
9 - Attempting to develop the exports of commodities or services that are within the scope of activities of the union.
10 - Helping the realization of the qualitative and quantitative objectives set for the export of goods or services that are within scope of activities of the union.
11 - Protecting common interests of the members.
12 - Offering advisory and legal services to members.
13 - Encouragement and support of investment in that part of the production field that leads to an increase in the export of goods or services.
14 - To avoid unhealthy competition of the members in the target markets through applying the terms of the Disciplinary Committee of Iran Chamber.
15 - Trying to increase access to global markets for exports commodities or services in the country and to create suitable opportunities for all members to enter these markets.
16 - Participation in formulation and implementation of the standards required for export of goods and services that are subject matter of trade union activities and to control them through the establishment of the inspection company.
17 - Coverage to resolve disputes between members and if required, through the arbitration of Iran Chamber Arbitration Center.
18 - Introducing the members to ministries or various organizations to apply for the needed services and facilities.
19 - Implementation of those executive tasks related to the export originated by the ministries and economic organizations that have been delegated to the union.
20 - To prepare reports once every 6 months about the performance of the union and its assessment, issues, and problems; associated with the proposed executive solutions to fix the problems and submitting the said report to Iran Chamber.
21 - Offering executive proposals to resolve the export problems of commodity or services groups related to the activities of the union, to relevant institutions and ministries and sending copies of it to Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Mines for information.
22 - Holding training courses and conducting scientific, industrial and commercial research required by the members and holding specialized conference and roundtables as well as attending various domestic and overseas conferences and authoring and translation of scientific articles related to the union’s field of activities.
23 - Holding or attending domestic and overseas exhibitions related to the tasks of the union.
24 - Attempting to attract investment of foreign management technology, know - how and skilled manpower for the growth and improvement of the union’s field of activities.

25 - Forcing members to observe the proper implementation of the country’s trade regulations and the union’s regulations, and continuous cooperation with the with the Disciplinary Committee of Iran Chamber.

Membership in the union and its terms
All producers and exporters of live cattle, whether natural or legal persons, can join the union.
Provision 1 - Iranian natural and legal persons residing outside of the country.
Provision 2 - Foreign natural and legal persons residing in Iran can join the union by complying with related regulations, provided that their own countries reciprocally treat Iranians in such a way.

Types of membership
Types of membership are as follows :
A - main : includes natural and legal persons engaged in activity that is directly related to the affairs of the union.
B - Affiliate : includes natural and legal persons that indirectly serve the main activities of the union.
C - Provisional : includes academic natural persons or people without sponsor who according to the personal motivation and interest request membership.
Note : the presence of provisional members in the meetings of the union will be without the right to vote.

Membership of legal persons
Membership of legal persons is subject to their Iranian citizenship, based on article 21 of the commerce law, having a valid commercial card from Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Mines.

Regulations for acceptance of the membership of natural persons
A - Iranian citizenship.
B - Must be a practicing member of one of the officially recognized religions of the country.
C - Must have a valid commercial card from Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Mines.
D - Must have experience in the field of exports related to the union’s activities with the backing of 2 members of the union.
All members of the union are obliged to observe the provisions of the articles of association, and rules and regulations adopted by the board of directors, and are bound to cooperate in order to achieve the objectives of the union.

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