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Saturday, 25 January 2020 08:19

The member of the board of directors of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce said: “We owe the economic stability and the compensation of lack of enough currency in the country to the exporters and their bringing back the money made through export to the count

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Keyvan Kashefi in the celebration event of the premier exporters of Kermanshah province which was held today mentioned the economic difficulties of the previous year. He also stated: “beside such unparalleled difficult situation, we witnessed economic stability which we owe merely to the exporters.

He continued: bringing back the money from exports to the country on behalf of business activists helped the economic stability and made it possible not to face lack of enough currency in the country.”
The chairman of Kermanshah’s Chamber of Commerce mentioned few difficulties in exporting area that has made exporting industry quite difficult for the business activists, he also expressed issues concerning exporting taxes as one of the major problems.
Kashefi stated that according to the budget law, bringing back value- added tax is entitled to currency settlement, thus this issue has brought major difficulties for the exporters. He also said: “when the value- added tax is 9 percent, if a business activist has 10 times exports until the end of the year 90 percent of his cash flow must be depot in Tax Affairs Organization.
He stated that the amount of value- added tax paid by business activists in 9 months of this year is three thousand billion Toman, and expressed according to the Central Bank of Iran, only half of it can safely return to the business activists.
He also said: But only 230 Billion Toman has been returned to the business activists and Tax Affairs Organization prevents giving back the rest of the money with some reasons which are quite unknown to us.
Kashefi continued: We complain to the parliament for allowing such issues to take place.
The member of the board of directors of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce considered such difficulties as a kind of punishment for the exporters. He said: “In the former years we were talking about export incentives and now we are talking about export penalties.”
Kashefi expressed: “This way is absolutely not a proper way for business activists who are making a lot of efforts in such a difficult time.
He later criticized some problems in the province concerning exports and considered interventions and the conflicts of order papers of different workgroups which are related to exporting area as the major problem in this situation. He also said: In Kermanshah’s province, we have a lot of different workgroups that some of their enactments are contradictory.
The Chairman of Kermanshah’s Chamber of Commerce also talked about some problems concerning exporting goods in the borders, he said: despite reopening of Soomar’s border, for passing of 7 vehicles, we had to call 23 times in one day.
He said that, this is not the right way of exporting goods, the producers shall not face so many problems on the borders.
He also talked about the people of Kermanshah’s historical backgrounds in exporting goods and stated: “if the exporting industry be facilitated everyone would welcome such an industry.”
He said: “it must also be declared that a lot of organizations are doing their best in this area and we shall not forget nor belittle their efforts.”

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